The Dhammapada is a compact compilation of the Buddha's teachings in the form of short sayings spread over twenty-six chapters. Each chapter contains verses spoken by the Buddha in relation to a certain subject matter. Every verse of the Dhammapada is a bright jewel radiating the pure wisdom and warm compassion of the Buddha. Read them slowly, carefully and repeatedly, and you will discover a treasure trove of spiritual guidance endlessly useful for the diverse life circumstances we often unexpectedly find ourselves in.

Your phone is a wonderful piece of modern technology that helps you stay in touch wherever you may be. We have created this facility for you to download this great book into your mobile phone, which may now also serve as your connection to the deep wisdom of the Buddha at all times and places.

In offering this facility, it is our sincere hope that you find guidance, inspiration, maybe even solace, in these verses of the purest wisdom, as you journey along the path of awakening.

( You can learn more about the Dhammapada by playing the game "Words of Wisdom from the Dhammapada" )



All 26 chapters are now available. They are:

Chp 1 - Choices, Chp 2 - Wakefulness, Chp 3 - Mind, Chp 4 - Flowers,

Chp 5 - The Fool, Chp 6 - The Wise Man, Chp 7 - The Master,

Chp 8 - The Thousands, Chp 9 - Mischief, Chp 10 - Violence,

Chp 11 - Old Age, Chp 12 - Yourself, Chp 13 - The World,

Chp 14 - The Man Who Is Awake, Chp 15 - Joy, Chp 16 - Pleasure,

Chp 17 - Anger, Chp 18 - Impurity, Chp 19 - The Just,

Chp 20 - The Way, Chp 21 - Out Of The Forest, Chp 22 - The Dark,

Chp 23 - The Elephant, Chp 24 - Desire, Chp 25 - The Seeker,

Chp 26 - The True Master


To download Chapter 1, just enter this URL into your mobile phone:

To download Chapter 2, just change the number at the end as follows:

Similarly, for the remaining chapters.

For the application to run, your mobile phone must support Java applications and has GPRS linkage facility (or something similar). Whatever the technology used, your phone must be able to connect to the internet. Check with your telco if you are not sure about this.

The download procedure is similar to downloading a mobile phone application or game. If you are not sure about the procedure, please refer to your mobile phone's manual, as each brand of mobile phone has its own procedure.

Once you have entered the above URL, your phone will try to get a connection (usually a GPRS connection) to your telco's server which will then try to get the file from our web server. If the connection is successful, you will see a file like "Dharma1" with a JAD extension. This is the description file that contains some info, such as the name of the application, size of the file, etc. Select "Download" option and your phone will try to download the application file (the "JAR file").

Although this application is provided FOC, your telco operator may levy some charges for the download service. These charges are normally based on the size of the downloaded file. You can check with your telco operator on the actual rate. The file size for the mobile Dhammapada is approximately 18 KB per chapter.

Note that in this updated version, we have managed to reduce the file sizes for all the chapters. The earlier version took up almost 68 KB per chapter. So, if you had downloaded the earlier version, you can reduce your phone's memory usage by deleting the old version, and downloading again the same chapters. The smaller file sizes provide faster, cheaper and more reliable downloads. You can also store more chapters in your mobile phone.


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