The DharmaBar is a toolbar for your web browser specially designed to periodically display Dharma quotations while you suft the internet. Sometimes short passages from the sacred Buddhist texts may also appear in the DharmaBar. These quotations are drawn from our collection of quotes derived from Buddhist and non-Buddhist sources. As diverse as these sources may be, their words all point to the same wisdom and compassion of the open, unhindered heart and mind.

Each time you surf the net, the DharmaBar puts you in touch with the wise counsel of ancient sages and contemporary masters. Their teachings - expressed in spacious poetry and lucid prose - touch on loving and living wisely, on awareness and meditation, on the dangers of anger and the necessity of compassion. Each time you connect to the Internet, the DharmaBar offers inspiration, encouragement, illumination, perhaps even solace, to help you along your own journey of spiritual discovery.

A new quotation or short passage appears in the DharmaBar every 10 minutes. The process happens entirely in the background and does not affect your browser's operations. This toolbar is available for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. You can install the toolbar in your browser by following the simple step by step instructions below:


Download Instructions For Internet Explorer

Step 1

Before downloading you must temporarily reset your browser's security settings. This is to allow the browser to download an unsigned ActiveX control (this is a technical term to describe the toolbar). We have avoided signing the toolbar to bypass the expenditure of having to obtain a signed certificate. Please be assured that the toolbar has been extensively tested and will not damage your browser or computer software in any way. There is no spyware or adware in the toolbar, and it will never collect any info from your PC.

To reset your browser's security settings, choose the "Tools" item on your browser's menu. Then select "Internet Options". Click on the "Security" tab, then select "Custom Level". You will then see a screen similar to the one shown on the left. Scroll down to "ActiveX Controls and plug-ins".

You should enable the following two options:

"Download unsigned ActiveX controls"

"Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe".

Having successfully completed the above steps, make sure you click the "OK" buttons on all open windows to save your new settings.

Note that we only want to change these standard security settings temporarily to allow the browser to download the DharmaBar toolbar. After that, we will reset the original settings. Note also the screen shown is for IE 6.0 and will look different for IE 7.0.

Now go to Step 2 below.

Step 2

This step is the actual downloading and installing of the toolbar in your browser. Go to the DharmaGames home page ( if it's not already open. Click on the link "Install the DharmaBar for Internet Explorer" link found in the box that describes the Dharma Bar feature. This opens a new window with two choices:

Install Dharma Bar for IE 5.0 and IE 6.0

Install Dharma Bar for IE 7.0

Click on the appropriate link depending on the version of Internet Explorer you are using.

A new browser window will then open showing a box with the title "DharmaBar Web-Installer". Click the line "Click here to continue...".

For IE6, a "Security Warning" message box shown on the right will appear. Just click "Yes" to proceed.


For IE6, this should launch the installation and in a few seconds, you should see 'Installation completed". A new browser window then opens with the DharmaBar installed and displaying your first quotation.

For IE7, however, although you may see the above message, you need to take an additional step. Right click on the message box that says, "Your current security settings put your computer at risk. Click here to change your security settings...". You will see a menu item "Installation blocked". Choose this item, then select "Install ActiveX Control". This launches the actual installation which will start up a new browser window displaying the DharmaBar. For IE7, the DharmaBar will display a new quotation for every new tab window you open.

Step 3

Go back to your browser's Security Settings page (as described in Step 1) and choose "Default", then "OK" to reset your browser's original security settings. However, if your original settings was not a "Default" type, you can just disable the two options that were enabled in Step 1.

Temporarily Switching Off The DharmaBar

You can temporarily switch off the DharmaBar by choosing "View" on your browser's top menu, followed by "Toolbars", and unchecking "Dharma Bar". Switch it back on by checking DharmaBar again.

Removing DharmaBar

To remove DharmaBar, use the "Add/Remove" program function in the Windows "Control Panel", and select the appropriate choice to remove the DharmaBar.

You can also use the "Uninstall DharmaBar" function found in the toolbar menu, but you will need to take an additional step of deleting the toolbar object file from your browser's cache. Otherwise, you may not be able to re-install the toolbar in future. We find using the "Add/Remove" program function cleaner and faster for Windows users, so we would recommend it.

Download Instructions For Mozilla Firefox

Step 1

Go to the DharmaGames home page. Click on the "Install DharmaBar for Firefox" link in the box that describes the DharmaBar feature. This will take you to the download page for Firefox browsers. You will then see two choices:

Install Dharma Bar for Firefox 1.0 and 1.5

Install Dharma Bar for Firefox 2.0

Click on the line that corresponds to your version of Firefox. You will then see a link "Click here to install the Dharma Bar". Click on this link.

If you had earlier upgraded to Firefox 2, when you first launch your new browser, you would have gotten a message that says the DharmaBar is not compatible with this version of Firefox and the toolbar will be disabled. Just proceed to re-install the DharmaBar using the above link. This will override the previous installation.

Step 2

You may then see a rectagular shaded box at the top of your browser that says "To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site ( from installing software on your computer". Click on the "Edit Options" button.

Step 3

You will see a window like the one on the right. Click "Allow" button to allow Firefox to download the DharmaBar toolbar from our website. Then click the "OK" button.

Step 4

You will then see the next window below. Click on the "Install Now" button to start the installation process. Once installation finishes, click the "OK" button, then close the Firefox browser. You should also close the "Extensions" window by clicking the "X" symbol in the upper right corner.

Restart your browser, and the DharmaBar should be successfully installed!

Temporarily Switching Off The DharmaBar

You can temporarily switch off the DharmaBar by choosing "View" on the browsers's top menu, followed by "Toolbars", and unchecking "Dharma Bar". Switch it back on by checking DharmaBar again.

Removing DharmaBar

To remove DharmaBar, use the "Uninstall DharmaBar" function that is accessible by clicking the small down arrow symbol found beside the name "DharmaGames" on the left of the toolbar. Another way is to select "Tools" on the browser's main menu, followed by "Extensions" or "Add-ons", then select "Uninstall".


In The Works

We are working on the multi-lingual version to allow you to read these Dharma sayings in your preferred language - so watch out for its availability on our website!


Do You Have Any Dharma Quotations?

Share your favourite Dharma quotes or short passages by contributing them to our database. You can e-mail them to , along with any suggestions you may have to further improve the toolbar. Submitted quotes and passages should not exceed 500 characters (inclusive of the space needed to acknowledge the person or source of the quote or passage).